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30 Year


Our specialist team at ATLANT have been registered installers of Delta Membranes systems since 2008. 


Delta Membranes are one of the leading specialists in waterproofing and can offer complete solutions from small domestic projects through to large high-end residential and commercial developments.

When it comes to basement waterproofing, there are 2 options.


You can either let the moisture in and drain it away, or stop it with a barrier.


Drain Option

The Delta cavity drain membrane system allows moisture or running water to travel behind the membrane into a perimeter drain or centralised gullies.


The water is then pumped up into the mains drainage or soakaway, depending on your project requirements.

Cavity drainage is versatile solution for many types of projects including floors and walls for new basements, existing structures, lightwells, and lower ground floors. The system requires minimal preparation and disturbance to the existing substrate. 

Each project we undertake comes with a 30 Year Guarantee direct from Delta Membranes and an optional ongoing maintenance contract for the Sump Pump system.

Barrier Option

Keeping water out of a basement can be achieved using a liquid applied waterproofing system applied to the inside of the below ground structure. 

Our preferred partner for this type of barrier is Koster Bauchemie AG. With over 35 years of experience in the waterproofing industry, Koster are a leading manufacturer of high-quality waterproofing products.  

The core product for barrier waterproofing is Koster NB1, which is a mineral slurry that seals the basement against ground moisture for non-pressurised and pressurised water.


Ancillary products from Koster allow us to waterproof even the most challenging below ground projects from basements through to swimming pools, all backed-up with a 10 Year Guarantee direct from the manufacturer.

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